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"Steppen Wolves" went to the final stage of the "MarSpo Awards"

13.05.2020    Views: 24
Source: Press service
The online voting stage of the annual professional sports marketing award in Russia “MarSpo Awards” ended, following which the project of the National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the brand of the country's main team - “Steppen Wolves”, was highly praised by the jury and went to the final in two of three  declared nominations.

The "MarSpo Awards" - is a professional award for sports clubs, federations, leagues, brands and agencies that use sports marketing tools most effectively in their activities. The jury members are highly qualified specialists, recognized and independent experts in the field of sports marketing.

 Recall that in the framework of the competitive project, applications were submitted from the Federation in three categories:
  • “The best marketing of a sporting event” - the February home matches of the National team in the qualification for the Asian Cup 2021, which undoubtedly became the most important and brightest event of domestic basketball this year.
  • “The best advertising campaign for a sporting event” - the Federation has not only positive reviews on the organization of home matches of the National Team, but also FIBA was also noted as one of the best Federations in the Asian region in terms of information coverage, advertising and PR campaigns.
  • “The best anti-crisis solution in sports marketing” - despite the fact that since March 13, the entire basketball life of Kazakhstan has stopped due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, the Federation continued active communication with the audience.  Fans of the “Steppe Wolves” were able to chat with many players of the team live on our Instagram page, work with them online, take part in the draw of company attributes, and also learn a lot from the series of thematic publications devoted to basketball.
The marketing concept of the main event of Kazakhstan's basketball in 2020 was taken, chosen in 2017, by open voting among the fans, the team’s nickname is “Steppe Wolves”, the history of which was published in the FIBA ​​article on our website.

In the final stage of the award, the Department of PR and Marketing of the Federation will defend the project in the nominations "Best Marketing of a Sports Event" and "Best Advertising Campaign of a Sports Event".  The competition for the “Steppen Wolves” will be made up of the projects of the “Zenit” football club, “Dynamo Minsk” hockey club, the Russian Rugby Federation, and the international tennis tournament series ATP St.  Petersburg Open 2019 and other eminent contestants.  The full list of finalists is published on the award page on the social network Facebook.

The presentation of the projects will take place on May 20, 21 and 22 in the public domain on the platform To view it, you will need to fill out a simple registration form, which will appear on the site closer to the date of protection.  Project Protection Timing will be published May 18.  Initially, the final stage of the award was to be held in late April in Moscow as part of the V International Conference on Marketing of Sports Federations, Leagues, Clubs, Tournaments and Sports Facilities, which was postponed to October 2020.  The awarding ceremony will also take place there.

It should be noted that a total of 270 applications were submitted for participation in the MarSpo Awards - a record figure in the entire history of the award.  The fact that the Federation’s project has reached the final stage is already a serious achievement for domestic basketball and an occasion for pride of the entire basketball community of Kazakhstan.

Detailed information about the award is published on the website
Detailed information on the participation of the National Team of Kazakhstan in the Qualification for the Asian Cup in 2021, the composition of the team, tournament tables, schedule and results of matches are published on our website in the National teams section.

The National Basketball Federation expresses its gratitude to the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Sports for supporting the national team and assisting in organizing home matches, as well as to QAZSPORT TV Channel for facilitating the interview.  Our partners are "Transtelecom" JSC, the "Kinopark Theaters" network of cinemas and the "Dala FM" radio.

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