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The Kazakhstan youth basketball team 3x3 was one step away from reaching the semifinals of the U-18 World Cup

28.08.2021    Views: 682
Source: Press service
The youth national basketball team of Kazakhstan 3x3 completed its participation in the U-18 World Cup at the quarter-finals stage, losing to the Egyptian team in a bitter struggle.

The Egyptians are the reigning champions of Africa and are seeded third in this tournament. Prior to that, the Egyptian national team participated in the World Cup three times and, at most, it reached the 1/8 finals. In Group C, the Egyptian national team played 4 matches and achieved success in all four, becoming the first in the group.

Our rivals opened the scoring in the match, but the response of the Kazakh team was not long in coming. The Egyptians, thanks to their significant height advantage, dominated under the basket and our team's tactic was to implement long shots. It bore fruit. “Steppenwolves” were throwing from behind the arc with a very good percentage and they managed to come out ahead. Meanwhile, the Egyptians were confidently gaining points from under the ring. Three minutes before the end of the meeting, the score was equal - 15:15, and the outcome of the match was very unpredictable. Our rivals continued to dominate under the basket and gain easy points, but our long-range artillery failed. The Egyptians began to go ahead and were able to bring the match to victory with the score - 21:16.

Radislav Rodionov demonstrated impressive sniper skills with five long shots - 10 points. 5 points for Artem Tugalev and 1 point for Ordokov, and Kirill Ivanovsky was left without points.

Unfortunately, the Kazakh team completed its participation in the Cup, but, in any case, it was the most successful performance of the youth team at the world championship.

Let us remind you that the final of the dunk-contest, in which our player Kirill Ivanovsky will take part, will take place on August 29. The scheduled start time is at 19:00 capital time.

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