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Kazakhstan's youth National basketball team 3x3 for the first time in history made it to the playoffs of the U-18 World Cup

26.08.2021    Views: 767
Source: Press service
On August 26, “Steppenwolfs” had to play the last match in the group stage of the World Cup in basketball 3x3 U-18, which decided the fate of a ticket to the playoffs of the tournament.

The rivals of our national team - the Brazilian team, as well as the Kazakhs, had a victory over Indonesia and a defeat from the Ukrainians in their reserves. If you look at the results of the games of the Brazilians, then they beat the Indonesians more confidently than our team - 16: 9. With the Ukrainians, just like our guys, they conceded 22 points, but scored 4 points less - 8:22. In terms of physical indicators, the Brazilians had a tangible advantage - the shortest of the Brazilians was of the same height as the tallest of the Kazakhs - 187 cm, but the tallest of the Brazilian team had an impressive 208 cm. Thus, the advantage under the ring was on the side of the rivals. However, it is worth noting that one of the Brazilian players was previously injured and did not play in the match with Ukraine, and also did not enter the site in the game with our National Team.

The score in the match was opened by the Brazilians, and the “Steppenwolves” got their first points at the end of the second minute, and immediately from a distance, which brought them ahead. The first half of the meeting took place quite smoothly and neither of the teams could achieve a significant break. Of course the Brazilians dominated under the basket thanks to a noticeable height advantage, while our guys were looking for an opportunity to make long shots. In the middle of the game, the score was equal - 6: 6, and by this time the Brazilians, who were playing without substitutions, began to noticeably get tired and, not keeping up with our players, approached the foul limit. “Steppenwolves”, as they say, “smelled blood” and raised the pace of the game, which the rivals could no longer cope with. Four minutes before the end of the match, the Kazakhstani advantage reached a confident 5 points and continued to grow. But to the credit of the rivals, although they were exhausted, they continued to resist and at the mark of two minutes to the end they lost only 3 points. But the Kazakh players clung to their victory with a stranglehold and played the last minutes of the game very confidently. They quickly brought their advantage to a very comfortable one and reached the coveted number on the scoreboard 23 seconds before the end of time. As a result, our team won a landslide victory - 21:13.

In this game, Rodislav Rodionov and Kirill Ivanovsky scored 8 points each, Artem Tugalev's 2 points and Arsen Ordokov's 3 points, including gamepoint.

Rodislav Rodionov
Thus, for the first time in history, the youth team of Kazakhstan overcame the group stage of the U-18 World Cup. Having taken the 2nd place in the group, "Steppenwolves" will continue their fight for the champion title in the quarter-finals, the draw of which will take place on Saturday 28 August. The match kicks off at 15:05 Moscow time. The rival of our guys will be the team that will take 1st place in group "C".

A separate reason for our National Team's pride is Kirill Ivanovsky's entry to the final of the top throws competition, which will take place on August 29. The scheduled start time is at 19:00 Moscow time.

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