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"Steppen Wolves" lost to Ukraine and prevailed over Indonesia at the start of the 3x3 World Cup U-18

24.08.2021    Views: 691
Source: Press service
The youth National team of Kazakhstan played the first two matches in the group stage of the Basketball World Cup 3x3 U-18, which takes place in the Hungarian city of Debrecen from 24 to 29 August.

The first game of the Kazakh squad in the group stage of the tournament was against the Ukrainian team. Recall that the Ukrainians played very well in the previous Cup competitions and confidently overcame the group stage. It should be noted that this game became an opening match in the youthful part of the Cup. Our rivals opened the score, but the Kazakh players needed almost two minutes to score their first point. But after just a minute the score was already equal - 4: 4. However, our players could not come out ahead, although they kept very close. In the second part of the game, the Ukrainians improved significantly and the difference in the score, which had just been only 2 points, began to grow rapidly. “Steppenwolves” were unable to pick up the pace imposed on them in time and lost at the end of the match with the score - 12:22. Initially, it was noticeable that the Kazakh players were inferior to the Ukrainian players in height, and the latter took full advantage of this, fully controlling the game under the basket.

In the game against the Ukrainians, Arsen Ordokov and Rodislav Rodionov scored 5 points each, and Artem Tugalev brought the team two points.

Arsen Ordokov
Both Kazakhstan and Indonesia lost their first games in the tournament. Therefore, this match was extremely important for both teams, as the winning team retained a chance to advance to the playoffs. The account was opened rather quickly by "Steppenwolves", but then there was a headless pause in their game. The Indonesians seized the moment and stepped forward. Our guys were able to parry the attack of their rivals in time and equalized the score several times. In general, the first half of the meeting, performed by both teams, was not very productive, but the second went in a completely different scenario. In the middle of the match, our players competently took advantage of the bust of opponents with fouls and took the lead, but three minutes before the end they lost again - 3 points. A minute before the final siren, the situation completely changed and our opponents were already 3 points behind. The last 60 seconds were very nervous, the Indonesians tried to get out as best they could and at some point equalized the score. In addition, the judges constantly sent our player Arsen Ordokov to the bench because of the ongoing bleeding on the elbow. And yet, the “Wolves” snatched the victory - 17:15 and retained the chances of reaching the playoffs.

Kirill Ivanovsky showed his sniper skills with the Indonesians - 8 points and all from far away, 6 points for Artem Tugalev, two for Rodislav Rodionov and one for Arsen Ordokov.

Kirill Ivanovsky
Within the framework of group "A" two more meetings were held today. First, Brazil beat Indonesia - 16: 9, after which Ukraine inflicted a major defeat on Brazil - 8:22. Thus, after the first game day in group "A", the Ukrainian team secured an exit to the playoffs with two victories in two matches. Indonesia has lost all chances to go through the group stage with two defeats, while Kazakhstan and Brazil will struggle to reach the final stage of the tournament in a head-to-head confrontation.

The rest of the game of the group stage "Steppenwolves" will play on Thursday, August 26 against the Brazilian team, starting at 19:10 Moscow time. Online broadcasts of all matches of the tournament are available on the main page of the Federation website.

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