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Kazakhstan youth National basketball team 3х3 went to the World Cup U-18 in Hungary

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From 24 to 29 August in Hungary, in the city of Debrecen, the World Cup in basketball 3x3 among youth teams U-18 will take place, in which the youth team of Kazakhstan will take part.

The U-18 World Cup is the premier international 3x3 basketball tournament for national youth teams. The debut of the tournament took place in 2011 in Italy, in the city of Rimini. The current champions among both boys and girls is the US team.

The upcoming Youth Cup will be the eighth in a row, while in 2014 and 2018 the tournament was not held, since these competitions were held as part of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, and in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic made its adjustments and the tournament did not take place. For the Hungarian city of Debrecen, this is the second time that the world championship, as in 2015, will be held in the heart of the city on Kossuth Square.

History of participation in the tournament.

Kazakhstani youths took part in the World Cup for the first time in 2012, which was a special event, since for the first time in history any of the Kazakhstani 3x3 basketball teams performed at the world level. After that, our guys took part in the Youth Cups three more times and once played in the Youth Olympic Games. Also, Kazakhstani fans know this tournament firsthand, since in 2016 it was held in the capital of Kazakhstan. Then, both national teams took part as hosts. Unfortunately, our guys and girls have never been able to make it to the final stage of the tournament. Thus, at the upcoming Cup, our national team is faced with the main task at least - to overcome the group stage and reach the playoffs for the first time.

Team of Kazakhstan.

This year, the expanded composition of the National Team included six players - # 1 Arsen Ordokov, # 5 Stepan Yakubovich, # 19 Radislav Rodionov, # 23 Kirill Ivanovsky, # 25 Artem Tugalev and # 41 Valery Zhivov - all of them have been successfully playing in Kazakhstan for a long time. basketball tournaments 3x3. Rivkhat Babekenov, who is also very well known to all fans of the 3x3 discipline in Kazakhstan, has been appointed the head coach of the Kazakh squad.

Kazakhstan men's youth basketball team 3x3 - World Cup U-18 2021
Based on the results of the training camps, which were held in Almaty on the basis of the partner of the "Forum Hoops 3x3" Team, the final squad was formed, which will defend the colors of Kazakhstan at the world championship:
  • # 1 Arsen Ordokov - "SC Qazaqstan", Almaty
  • # 19 Radislav Rodionov - "Forum Hoops", Almaty
  • # 23 Kirill Ivanovsky - "Forum Hoops", Almaty
  • # 25 Artem Tugalev - "Forum Hoops", Almaty

As a result of the draw, "Steppenwolves" got into group "A", within which, in addition to our team, the teams of Brazil, Indonesia and Ukraine will compete for the playoffs. In addition, until recently, the French national team was part of the group "A", but at the last moment the team withdrew from the competition. According to the rules of FIBA ​​3x3 international tournaments, all teams have a seeded number, and in disputable situations in the group stage, when more than two teams have the same number of victories in the group, the advantage is given to the team with the higher seeded number. This year, the national team of Kazakhstan, thanks to the FIBA ​​3x3 rating points, was seeded under the maximum first number.

3x3 World Cup U-18 2021
Brazil got the 8th seeded number this year and is one of the longest-serving players in the tournament. In their entire history, they have missed only two Cup competitions, while performing at both Youth Olympics. In 2015, they stopped at the 1/8 finals stage, at both the 2014 and 2018 Olympics they reached the 1/4 finals, and in 2016 in Astana they became silver medalists of the Youth World Cup. The Indonesian national team is seeded at number 14 this year. The Indonesians have played 4 times in the Youth World Cup and once in the Youth Olympics, but they never made it out of the group. The Ukrainian national team, seeded number 15, is the only one from the teams of group A, which participated in the first youth World Cup in 2011, but then they stopped and did not leave the group. After that, the Ukrainian youth missed quite a few draws, and returned in 2017 and immediately went to the quarterfinals. They achieved the same result at the last World Cup in 2019, and at the Youth Olympic Games they became the fourth at all. As for the reigning champions, at the moment they are the Americans, who, by the way, are seeded under the last - eighteenth number.

At the Youth World Cup, a priori all teams are strong and the fight for the main trophy promises to be hot. The age restriction makes it even more unpredictable, that is, players who participated in a tournament earlier in a particular team have moved to a different age category. Thus, the compositions are, in fact, 100% different from the compositions of previous years.

Tournament format.

Group stage:

The teams are divided into 4 groups - A, B, C and D, with 4 or 5 teams in each group, according to the national team ranking. Teams will play one round, one game each other within their groups. According to the results of the group stage, the teams will distribute places from 1 to 4 or 5 in their groups.


At the end of the group stage, the two best teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals. The winners of the quarterfinals will form semi-final pairs. The winner of the 1st pair and the winner of the 2nd pair of the semifinals will compete for the 1st place. The teams that lost in the semifinals compete for 3rd place. At all stages of the playoffs, teams play one game in their pairs.

In addition to the main battles, the tournament will include the traditional Dunk Contest - a top-throwing competition among guys, Skills Contest - a competition for demonstrating skills and skill among girls and a Shoot-Out Contest - a mixed competition for long throws.

Schedule of matches.

The group stage matches will take place from 24 to 28 August, and the decisive games of the playoff series will take place on 29 August.

According to the approved schedule, the Kazakhstan national team will play in the group stage on August 24 and 26:
  • August 24, 18:15 - Kazakhstan vs Ukraine
  • August 24, 20:05 - Indonesia vs Kazakhstan
  • August 26, 19:10 - Kazakhstan vs Brazil
To secure a ticket to the playoffs, our guys need to win at least two matches out of the next three.

Online broadcasts of all matches of the tournament will be available on the main page of the Federation website.

Detailed information about the participation of the National Team of Kazakhstan in the World Cup, the roster of the team, standings, schedule and results of matches are published on our website in the section National teams.

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