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The National team of Kazakhstan on basketball finish in the Qualifying tournament for the Asia Cup 2021 in match against Jordan

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Source: Press service
On June 13, the men's national basketball team of Kazakhstan will play their final game in the qualification for the Asian Cup 2021. Almost a year and a half later, Steppenwolfs will play their second game against the Jordanian national team. The game will take place in the capital of Jordan - the city of Amman at the "Prince Hamza" arena.

The match starts at 22:00 Nur-Sultan time. Online broadcast will be available on the main page of our website. All information about the match, lineups, news, photo and video reports, as well as statistics will be published in the Match Center.

Recall that in the first game with Jordan in the framework of the Asian Cup 2021 Qualification, which took place in Nur-Sultan on February 24 last year, the Kazakhstan national team missed the victory with a score of 68:71.

The Jordan Men's Basketball Team is the National Basketball Team representing Jordan in the international basketball arena. Run by the Jordan Basketball Federation. Member of FIBA ​​since 1957. The Jordan national team, as well as the Kazakhstan national team, has its own nickname - they are called "Falcons".

The men's national team of Jordan, despite the fact that it has been a member of FIBA ​​since 1957, began to play actively in international tournaments only 25 years later. In 1983, the Jordanians won silver medals at the Arab Nations home championship. Since then, the Jordanian national team has been a regular at this tournament, they have become bronze medalists three times (1987, 1989, 2005), also three times, after the success of 83rd year, they took silver medals (1992, 1999, 2008). In 2007, the Falcons won the Arab Nations Championship for the only time. At another regional tournament, the Pan Arab Games, the Jordanians won gold in 1985 and 4 times (1992, 1999, 2007 and 2011 - the last year of the Pan Arab Games) won silver medals. Also in their region, since 1999, another local tournament has been held - WABA (West Asian Basketball Association) and Jordan is one of the regular participants in this sporting event. Since 1999, the Jordanian national team has participated in 14 WABA championships and won 6 bronze medals (1999, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2013 and 2017), 4 times the team took silver medals (2008, 2011, 2015, 2016) , and in 2002 and 2014 climbed to the first place of the podium. As for Asia, Jordan has been competing in the Championships, now the Asian Cups, since 1983. Since that year, they have played in almost every tournament, in total, the Jordanian national team has experience of participating in 15 Asian championships. The best for them was 2009 - bronze and 2011 - silver. Also, our rivals have played 4 times within the FIBA ​​Asia Challenge tournament and have won gold in 2008 and bronze in 2016. At the Asian Games, Jordan participated 4 times - the first time back in 1986, the maximum of which they achieved was this 4th place. The Jordan national team has twice entered the world elite, taking part in the 2010 and 2019 world championships, but in both cases the team did not go far.

Standing position: “Steppenwolfs” confidently lead their group before the upcoming game, having won four out of five past matches. Kazakhstanis in home games were able to defeat Palestine with a difference of three points, but lost to Jordan, also with a difference of only three points. A year later, in Manama, our team did not leave any chances for its rival, having defeated Sri Lanka twice and outplayed Palestine. Then the Qualifying Tournament for our team was supposed to end, but the return meeting with Jordan did not take place, as some of the delegates and athletes who had already arrived had positive coronavirus tests and the team was unable to play their games. And now, after almost six months, the game with Jordan should still take place and will take place at their home site in Amman, so this team is the only one with which the home-away format will remain. Based on this, the Jordanian national team remains the only team in our group that does not have a single defeat on its account. In addition to Kazakhstan, they once outplayed Sri Lanka, but with all this, the Jordanians have the fewest tournament points in the group, which leaves them on the last line, and all this is only because they played only two games, and the last time they went to the court almost year and a half ago. In terms of numbers, “Steppenwolfs” have 9 tournament points after five games and the first place in the group, while Jordan has 4 points after two games and so far the last line.

On June 12, the day before the meeting between Kazakhstan and Jordan, the Jordanians will play a game with the Palestinians, and the result of this game can finally decide the fate of the Kazakhstani ticket to the Asian Cup 2021. In case of victory of the representatives of Jordan, the Palestinians will no longer catch up with the Kazakhstanis in the table and in any future scenario we are going to the Asian Cup 2021. It is also worth noting that our team has made a very good start and the only option when Kazakhstan does not qualify for the Cup is if Jordan loses twice to Palestine and outperforms Kazakhstan, but it’s hard to believe. In any case, Jordan is a team of the level of the Asian Cup and our players need to show everything they are capable of when they get into the number of participants in this tournament. Another piece of news is that the Sri Lanka national team will not play their last game with Jordan in this Jordanian “Bubble”, but this game does not greatly affect the position of the teams in the group. In addition, teams of groups E and C will play in Jordan these days, and in addition to Jordan, Palestine and Kazakhstan, the national teams of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Guam and Hong Kong will play.

Detailed information on the participation of the National Team of Kazakhstan in the Qualification for the Asian Cup 2021, the team line-up, standings, schedule and match results are published on the Federation website in the National Teams section.

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