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Men's National Basketball Team Kazakhstan 3x3 did not qualify from the group of the Olympic qualifying tournament

29.05.2021    Views: 830
Source: Press service
The men's national team of Kazakhstan finished their performance in the Olympic basketball qualifying tournament 3x3, taking the last fifth place in their group according to the results of the group stage.

As a reminder, on May 27, our team played the first two matches against the teams of Lithuania and Belgium, losing in both games. Unfortunately, such a result has already completely deprived the “Steppenwolfs” of the chance to qualify from the group, and the remaining two games, in fact, did not have a tournament value for them.

Today our team started the game day with a meeting against South Korea - a team that also lost two matches at the start of the tournament and also lost their chances to qualify from the group. The Kazakh players opened the score in this game, but the Koreans did not lag behind and compared the score a couple of times, after which they came out ahead. At first, our guys kept at arm's length from their rivals, but at some point they managed to make a breakthrough and by the middle of the game they were leading by five points. “Steppenwolves” practically approached their rivals, losing only 3 points, but they failed to develop this success. The Koreans finished the game more efficiently, and no matter how hard the Kazakh players tried, they faced a third defeat with a final score of 13:21.

In the final match, the national team of Kazakhstan faced off against the leaders of the group - the US team. In this game, our rivals began to set the pace and scored 4 unanswered points from the start. Our guy managed to score his first points only in the middle of the second minute. The Americans continued to play confidently and stayed ahead. Their advantage was 5-6 points, and at some point they approached the lead of 10 points. Five minutes after the start of the game, the score was 9:15 in favor of the American team, and after another one and a half minutes they were separated by only one point, while our team was losing 7. In fact, the Americans could have finished the match much earlier, when they had a chance for two free throws, but they did not convert them and it seemed from the outside that it was intentional. Most likely they had a desire to complete the game with long-range shots, but this almost became their fatal mistake. "Steppenwolves" did not turn off the game and began to make the most of the opportunity given to them. While the Americans were smearing from behind the arc, the difference in the score was rapidly decreasing. It got very hot on the court and the US players were already trying to just finish the match without exceeding the standard of 21 points, but to no avail. Our guys, meanwhile, reduced the gap to one point, and yet immediately after that our opponent got his way and sent the ball into the ring from behind the arc, having won with a score of 19:22.

На этом турнир для Сборной Казахстана завершился и, к сожалению, наша команда не смогла выиграть ни одной игры, заняв последнюю пятую строчку в турнирной таблице группы. В итоге, в вруппе "B" команды расположились в соответствии со своими сеяными номерами - США на первой строчке, Литва на второй, Бельгия на третьей, а Южная Корея на четвертой. Таки образом, американцы и литовцы продолжат борьбу за путевку на Олимпиаду в серии плей-офф, матчи которой пройдут завтра 30 мая. Онлайн-трансляции всех матчей турнира доступны на главной странице сайта Федерации.

ATTENTION! - In honor of the participation of the men's national team of Kazakhstan in the qualification for the Olympic basketball tournament 3x3, the Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan is holding a competition among young players and their mentors, the winners of which will receive a certificate for the purchase of equipment in the amount of 150,000 tenge from "Steppenwolfs". Details of participation in the competition are published in the announcement.

Detailed information on the participation of the National Team of Kazakhstan in the Qualification for the Olympic Basketball Tournament 3x3 2021, the team line-up, standings, schedule and match results are published on the Federation website in the National Teams section.

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