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The National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan became a partner of the international socio-sports platform IUNGO

30.07.2020    Views: 2015
Source: Press service
The National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan announces its cooperation with the international IUNGO social sports platform founded by Jerry Johnson.

IUNGO is a new mobile application that is a global tool for sports marketing and digital technology, used to provide many different opportunities for athletes, sports officials and organizations, which will make the world of sport a better place. The main goal of IUNGO is to help talented athletes from all over the world to start a sporting career, get a profitable contract and a number of other opportunities for their successful development. The application is scheduled to be launched by the end of 2020.

The creators of IUNGO, Jerry Johnson and Marvin Sanders II, realized how important it is to have a positive impact on the sporting world, because everyone deserves a chance to be successful. It was this idea that brought them together and formed the basis for the creation of the platform IUNGO, and its motto was the expression - "Talent in abundance, but the possibilities are not ... It's already there!"

The Vice-president of the National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan - Alimzhan Dusenov"We negotiated directly with Jerry Johnson about cooperation. We were immediately interested in his IUNGO platform project, which would allow our basketball players, not only professionals but also talented students and schoolchildren, to interact directly with agents, scouts and coaches from all over the world. Once the IUNGO mobile application is launched, anyone can download it, register, publish information about themselves, and post their highlighters, which will be available to all members of the platform. That is to say that IUNGO is essentially a specialized social network for athletes.

We regularly receive many appeals from young athletes and their parents from all over Kazakhstan, asking how they can go to study in foreign countries and receive a basketball scholarship. We hope that the cooperation with IUNGO will bear fruit in the near future, when our basketball players themselves will be able to establish useful links with foreign specialists and build their sports career. As the founder of the project, Jerry Johnson, said, he already has partners in Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, and, of course, the USА.

We are doubly pleased that Jerry Johnson will be the Federation’s partner, having played five years in Kazakhstan and played for our national team. It is very gratifying that he remains loyal to Kazakh basketball. In addition, possibly as early as next year, he plans to come to Kazakhstan to personally present his project and to hold master classes for our young basketball players."
IUNGO’s CEO, Jerry Johnson: "We like the positive influence that the National Basketball Federation has on basketball in Kazakhstan, and we are honoured to support them by exposing Kazakh basketball to the world. Our platform unites and creates social, economic and career opportunities through multimedia content that will allow Kazakh basketball players to communicate with other people around the world."

We remind you that Jerry Johnson has a special relationship with the National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan. He was the first American to sign a contract with the basketball club «Astana», and the first naturalized American in the history of Kazakhstan basketball to play for the National Team! In total, Jerry played in Kazakhstan for five years. According to Jerry, he greatly appreciates the experience of playing in Kazakhstan, and now he seeks to introduce the National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan to the world.

In addition, former Kazakh functionary Nikolai Mikhalchuk, previously served as manager of the National Basketball Team of Kazakhstan and sports director of the President's Basketball Club "Astana", participates in the IUNGO project as an international director.

Nikolai Mikhalchuk: "I firmly believe in the idea of sport as a universal language of communication. I am confident that IUNGO will build bridges not only between different sports cultures, but also between different countries, and we will all be united in our quest to succeed and reach our full potential."

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