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08.06.2020    Views: 569
Source: Press service
The National Basketball Federation of Kazakhstan presents the global update of the official website - "Projects".

From now on, all fans of the best ball game and admirers of the domestic basketball will be able to find on the site detailed information about all major projects of Kazakhstan basketball in special sections, which are separate sites with their unique structure and design. To date, the sub-projects - National Team, NBSL, DBL, Jr. NBA Kazakhstan, Basketball 3x3 and Database - have been implemented.

The switching menu between project sites is located in the top left corner on all pages of the site. In addition, as part of the creation of a sub-site of the National Basketball Student League project, the statistical database for all three seasons has been migrated and the new sub-site of the Basketball Project 3x3 will provide an aggregation of information on all streetball tournaments held in Kazakhstan.

This innovation makes it possible simultaneously to separate current information for each project from the general data flow for ease of search and perception, and at the same time unites all Kazakh players into a common database, coaches and judges, as well as teams and arenas in a special section of the project "Database".

Currently, work is continuing on setting up sub-sites and filling them with content. In the near future, we will introduce you to each of the projects in more detail.

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