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Junior League Jr. NBA Kazakhstan expands its borders

29.10.2018    Views: 417
Source: Press service
The second season of the project Junior league Jr. NBA Kazakhstan will cover six cities of the country – Astana, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Kostanay and Shymkent, which will be divided into six separate leagues. In each city will participate 30 teams – 15 teams of boys and 15 teams of girls.

In connection with the expansion of the geography of the project, tournaments among boys and girls will be divided into three conditional zones:
  • Kostanay – Western Conference / Astana – Eastern Conference
  • Almaty – Western Conference / Shymkent – Eastern Conference
  • Atyrau – Western Conference / Aktau – Eastern Conference.
Each tournament will consist of a divisional stage, a stage of play-off conferences and a Final. Each league will have its own champions without a super final.

The start of the season is scheduled for early December, and before that every town will host the draw, the results of which teams the participants will be given the names of 30 clubs of the National Basketball Association.

General sponsor of the NBF RK and the project Junior basketball league Jr. NBA Kazakhstan – "Medicare Sport" company.

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