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The results of the final series of the FIBA CABA Quest Stop 3x3

24.06.2018    Views: 846
Source: Press service
On June 24 in Astana, on the site of the shopping center "Khan Shatyr" was held the final stage of the tournament FIBA Asia 3x3 Quest subzone "CABA", dedicated to 20th anniversary of Astana, the results of which determined the strongest streetball players in Central Asia among male and female teams.

The remaining three group stage matches were played before the start of the playoff series. The women's Almaty derby between the teams "KazAST" and "Squirrels KazNU" ended with a quite predictable victory of the students of the Kazakh Academy of Tourism and Sport – 17:19. The girls of the team "Astana Tigers" pleased their fans, who defeated the Turkmen team ahead of time with the score – 21:14, while maintaining the second place in the group. In the final match of the men's group "B" to other capital "tigers", despite the victory over the Almaty team "Zhigalma" – 20:12, one point was not enough to get to the semi-finals.

In the final series among the women's teams, the Kazakhstan team easily beats "KazAST" from Almaty – 21:7 in the semi-final match. The second meeting in the 1/2 finals was more dramatic and in the last seconds the capital's "tigresses" again managed to take over the Turkmen team with a minimum advantage of one point – 18:17.

In the third place match, the representatives of Turkmenistan collected their will in a fist and ahead of time defeated the Almaty team "KazAST" with a decent difference of 10 points – 11:21. In fact, the team-mates decided the fate of the title of the strongest women's team - throughout the match, "Astana Tigers" gave a worthy rebuff to the more experienced National team, but in the end the latter held the initiative and eventually celebrated the victory with the score – 19:17.

In the final series among the men's teams in the first match of the semi-final team "Team Bishkek" from the capital of Kyrgyzstan upset Almaty streetball team" Mao", beating them with the score 22:17. Thus, all hope for Kazakhstan's participation in the final of the tournament was laid on another team from the southern capital – "Zhigalma", which in the semi-final opposed the national team of Turkmenistan. Despite the burden of responsibility, the Almaty team easily and ahead of schedule coped with the opponents, allowing them to score only 5 points – 21:5.

The national team of Turkmenistan and the Kazakh team – "Mao" met on the court In the fight for bronze. As in the women's opposition, luck again accompanied the guests – throughout the match, the Almaty team kept pace, but in the end their opponents were the first to throw the decisive ball and won with the score – 20:21. If in the women's final for Kazakhstan as a whole, the winner was not important, then in the decisive match against the Kirghiz Almaty squad "Zhigalma" had to give everything to the maximum, with which they coped brilliantly, winning over "Team Bishkek" with the final score 14:20.

Thus, according to the results of the final series, the participants of the FIBA Asia Quest 3x3 final, scheduled for September 2018, were determined – the teams that took 1st and 2nd places in the subzone "CABA". The winner of the quest will be entitled to participate in the elite international tournament World Tour Kuala Lumpur Masters 2018, which will be held on October 13 and 14 in the capital of Malaysia.

Photo report of the game day is published on our website in the Photos section.

Detailed information about the tournament, tournament tables, schedule and match results are published on our website in the Basketball 3x3 section.

We express our gratitude to all who supported us: General sponsor of the NBF RK - the company "Medicare Sport", trade entertainment center "Khan Shatyr", Streetball League of Kazakhstan "SLK", the best water for athletes - the trademark "Turan", Akimat of Astana, the company "DomaDoma Production", the company "TerraLink", Youth wing "Zhas Otan" and personally the Head - Daniyar Manarbekuly, and also we thank the management of "Tarlan Arena" for the training room provided to the teams.

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